What is a quick recipe for success in PR?

Gaining positive exposure for your client, whether a personality, brand or product can be challenging but this is where a good PR succeeds and earns their money.  Understanding the media is key to achieving such success and selling in the angle or story you have.  Knowing what the media want from you, what is current and most importantly what is interesting from a news agenda point of view, is essential to this.

In between all the paid adverts in your newspapers, magazines & online media lie the articles and content the consumer is expecting.  This content is what attracts and sells the editorial to the consumer therefore editors are typically selective about what they publish and what they discard.  Is the angle relevant to their genre? Is the angle of current public interest? Is the angle unique or exclusive? These would be just a few elements an editor might consider when looking at what you as a PR are offering.

Selling your angle to the right outlets at the right time is the recipe for successful PR so stay up to date with current affairs and trends and keep in regular touch with your press contacts.  Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with your contacts is just as important as having a great story or product to run with.