Key worker heroes thank beauty influencer for free pamper packages that have ‘helped to get them through’ the country’s coronavirus battle

Small acts of kindness can make a big difference. 

The importance of these gestures, as the country battles coronavirus, has hit home with YouTuber Simone Partner, known online as Eltoria. 

The beauty influencer has thanked key workers for their selfless and heroic work by giving away thousands of pounds worth of luxury and high street beauty products.

The first drop of 1,500 products were acquired within 6 minutes, and due to huge demand, a second drop is being prepared now.  

Identification as a key worker is needed to qualify and each request/order is manually checked.

Hundreds of packages have been snapped up so far.

Beth, a third-year student nurse assisting in her local hospital and currently living apart from her family, says the pamper package she received has helped to pick her up during ‘a lonely and horrible time’.

Courtney from London Ambulance Service, says the hand cream she received has been a ‘life saver’ because she has been washing her hands so much.

Amy Collins who works at Sainsbury’s, says she has been trying to stay positive and the beauty package has boosted her mood. 

She is an award-winning blogger known for unboxing beauty boxes on Youtube.

But these days it is key workers, helping the country fight coronavirus, who are untying the luxury packages that Eltoria normally receives.

And the change is all down to kindness. Explains the beauty influencer: ‘I rarely saw random acts of kindness before the pandemic and I just think something like this brings people together. Right now, anything you can do no matter how small can help someone and cheer them up. We are in this together and we are all going through difficult times and our fabulous key workers are just doing the most incredible job’.

Overwhelmed by the gesture three key workers from up and down the country have thanked Eltoria and the countless others across the country who have been thinking of them.

Each pamper package contains three high street/luxury beauty products from skincare, make-up, haircare, body and nail art.  Each free package will be a lucky dip. All people need to do is cover the cost of a standard postage which is £3.95.

Here three key workers reveal why the beauty packages mean so much to them:

Bethany a third-year student nurse currently working as a health care assistant at her local hospital, to help with the demand for staff at the moment, said: ‘I have received one of the parcels and I can’t actually say how thankful I am for receiving it. It was a small act of kindness that meant the whole world to me. It showed how grateful and thankful everyone is, and it actually showed the support that we currently have.  At the moment it can be quite a lonely and hard time because a lot of people aren’t seeing their family. I’m currently social distancing from my family and these acts of kindness show what it’s all worth and that I am actually making a difference that this time.  I might not be able to see my family, but I am making a difference to someone else (and their family) and all of this support and help really really does help pick us up at this horrible time.  As it was a mystery package it was nice to have that bit of excitement to see what I was coming home to. When it arrived, they were products I could use to help me relax. Just simple things like little shower gels, cleansers and toners. It was lovely to know that someone was thinking of me and other key workers, and for that I am so genuinely grateful for everything that people are doing, it really made me smile’.

Courtney who works for the London Ambulance Service said ‘I was thankful enough to receive a nail kit in my pack and the massive Body Shop hand cream has been absolutely incredible. It has been a life saver and I have gone through so much of it already as I am washing my hands constantly.  It has made me feel so special the fact I can get away from reality and pamper myself after a shift and finally get my nails back to the way they were!’

Amy Collins from Sainsbury’s said: ‘I want to say a massive thank you for the care package you sent over to me. I think it is an important thing to send these packages to key workers at this really hard time. I have some amazing items, three things I have never used before and it is really awesome to have a little pamper time and try them out. I’ve been trying to stay really positive and I think just receiving something now and then really does boost my mood and I just really appreciate it, so thanks so much’.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her pamper packages for key workers, Eltoria said: ‘I have been collecting these products for some time and usually donate what I don’t use to charity.  I had planned to give these products away to a cause very close to my heart.  I lost my grandmother in December to Cancer and Dorothy House did an amazing job of looking after her and I wanted to donate in her name.  Just before the fundraiser took place, my grandmother sadly passed away so, unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to re-arrange another fundraiser as yet. However, during this current crisis my grandmother would want me to donate the products to those who are doing a fantastic job at keeping this country running through hardship, so that’s what I am doing!’

‘I am fortunate enough to unbox some wonderful products and I often receive many in the post and at events. Whilst I’d love to use everything up it is physically impossible, and I hope someone else can enjoy them’.