The THREE Top Things you should know NOW for successful Public Relations – by a top London PR!

Everyone seems to have an opinion about PR but not everyone knows what it is or the important value it has on all aspects of a business and brand.

The best PR professionals can even struggle to put it into words. When it is all you do, all you breath and all you have ever known, this can be understandable.

After 15 years (not that I am counting!) in this field, I know a thing or two. So, to help break things down I have listed below the most important considerations for successful publicity.

In a nutshell these are the top three things you should know to achieve successful PR:

PR is not advertising remember…

In my opinion, a good PR can guarantee “good PR” but let us not fool ourselves, unless you pay for the space then there are no guarantees. Any PR that promises you this are lying to your face.

Advertising is an advert and PR is editorial – editorially recommended by the editor! Which is amazing. There is a huge difference. I wish more agencies would be honest about this instead of promising unrealistic expectations.

Don’t be afraid 

Many people are scared to take the leap – whether that is trying to speak to a journalist themselves or hiring a PR agency for the first time.  Remember journalists are people.

But when is the time right?

Don’t be scared to speak to anyone or shy away from taking the next step in growing your business.  Be as authentic as possible is my number one recommendation here.

Content is king

We’ve heard it all before but I see a lot of brands getting it wrong time and time again. Your content needs to be of highest industry standard and written in the correct way to achieve successful public relations.  All of your stories must be expertly angled and strategised for maximum success and integrity.

Becky x




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