Alexandra.F (AFRG)

Alexandra.F is an experienced cyber security and consumer retail expert. She currently works as a Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst in London, UK and has been in the field of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) for three years; known for carrying out industry-wide strategic research based on open-source reporting.

AFRG (a.k.a. AF’sRetailGuide) was first created by Alexandra in the summer of 2023 and has since evolved into a go-to platform exploring retail, fashion, art, technology, and cybersecurity through podcasts, blogs, events, presentations, and more. The goal is to offer guidance and build a community well-equipped with knowledge about cyber threat trends and risks within the retail landscape. This landscape encompasses the grocery, fashion, beauty, and cosmetics sectors.

Alongside being an industry insider when it comes to cyber security, fashion and retail trends Alexandra F, possesses the sometimes difficult to muster confidence to emcee events and mentor those who wish to do the same.